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Natural Peridot Gemstone 4 Piece Cross 66.77 Carats

66.77ctw. | 60mmx40mm as 1 piece | Custom German Cut

Gray Cats-Eye Moonstone Oval Cabochon Parcel

11x9, 12x10, 8x6mm | 33 Pieces | 134.4 Carats Total | Oval Shape Non Calibrated Goods

Blue Moonstone Oval Cabochons

14x10mm | 2 Pieces | 11.72 Carats Total | Oval Shape
$99.00 $149.00

Peach Cat's Eye Moonstone 7x5mm Oval Shape Parcel

7x5mm | 22 Pieces | 19.11 Carats Total | Oval Shape
$249.00 $499.00

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon Commercial Parcel Lots

Parcels are a variety of sizes and shapes, sold as parcels only.
From $99.00

Natural Grey Cats Eye Moonstone Cabochon 3 Piece Lot

11.58ctw. | 11x9mm | Oval Shape
$99.00 $239.00

Natural Green Beryl Emerald Pear Shape Carving 6.51 Carats

20x12.85x3.56mm | 6.51 carats | Carved Heart Shape

Natural Aquamarine Rose Cut Faceted Gemstone 3pc Set

41.34cts. Total | 18-19mm Average | Mixed Free Form
$999.00 $1,199.00

Natural Aquamarine Square Cushion Cabochon Gemstone

19.86cts. | 17.85x17.79x7.06mm | Square Cushion
$399.00 $499.00

Malachite Oval Cabochon 3pc Sets

1- 25x18mm, 2-18x13mm Non Calibrated goods, sizes and weights may vary.
From $42.00

Malachite Oval 18x13mm Cabochon 18pc Parcel CB1018474

Non Calibrated Sizes and Weights may vary slightly
$175.00 $200.00

Malachite Oval 25x18mm Cabochons Assorted Patterns

Non Calibrated Sold Individually
From $18.00

Intarsia Opal Inlay Hex Art Gemstones

32.5x14.5x3.6mm (avg.) 46.97ctw. | Opal, Malachite, Lapis

Rhodochrosite 30.28ct. Pear High Dome Cabochon Drilled CB1014680

20.60(h) x 16.03(w) x 8.75(d)mm Rhodochrosite cabochons illustrating the banded pink colors that are characteristic of this mineral.

Rhodochrosite Fancy 23.34ct. Cabochon Drilled CB1013914

26.10(h) x 12.40(w) x 6.37(d)mm Rhodochrosite cabochons illustrating the banded pink colors that are characteristic of this mineral.

Seraphinite Drilled Pear Shape Cabochons CB1013165

Each exhibiting unique patterns, 1.25mm drill holes for universal use in attachment for jewelry
From $32.70

Turquoise 17pc Oval Cabochon Lot 111.51ctw G1162927P

Stabilized Spiderweb Turquoise

Natural Burmese Trapiche Sapphire Cabochon Gemstone G1399871P

Trapiche sapphire is a variety of gemstone sapphire.

Natural Teal Sapphire Cabochons Oval Gemstones

Non-Calibrated 1.45ct average, 6.6-7.4mm x 5.5-6mm average
From $135.00

Sugilite Cabochon Parcel CB1010895

Currently 62pcs 203.77ctw. Random Size and Shape Cabochons

Larimar Pear Shape Cabochon 132.1ct CB1010687

Colors of the Caribbean Sea
Dominican Republic.

Oregon Mahogany Obsidian Shield Cabochon 110.5ct CB1010550

Banding of black and red colors
Glass Buttes Oregon

Bruneau Jasper 4pc Cabochon Lot 137.19ctw

"Picture Jasper" – exhibits particular patterns and colors
Discovered around the Bruneau River canyon in Idaho
$125.00 $160.00

Morenci Azurmalachite 4pc Cabochon Lot 106ctw

Morenci Arizona Azurmalachite
Copper Mountain Mining District
$115.00 $150.00

Sapphire Blue Synthetic 4.33ct W/ GIA Report

GIA REPORT 2205367873 | (4.33ct.) 9.57 x 7.66 x 5.73 mm Oval Cabochon loose gemstone

Ruby Natural Untreated Kenya Gemstone 3.19ct W/ GIA Report

GIA REPORT 2213078517 |(3.19ct.) 9.47 x 6.52 x 4.63mm Oval Cabochon loose gemstone

Natural Untreated Burma Star Ruby Gemstone 3.79ct W/ GIA Report

GIA REPORT 2211078513 | (3.79ct.) 8.08 x 6.79 x 5.97mm Double Cabochon loose gemstone

Green Diopside Parcel 290pcs

$750.00 $1,500.00

20mm Round Tiger Eye Cabochon 25pc Lots

20mm Round Natural Tiger Eye Quartz Cabochons Cut and polished in China Grade A Each lot will be made up of a random selection of 25
$99.00 $199.00

7mm Round Lapis Lazuli Cabochon 100pc Lots

7mm Non Calibrated Round Medium to Dark Blue Lapis lazuli Cabochons 100 Piece lots, each lot weighs an average 121 carats
$99.00 $199.00

9pc Tiger's-Eye Quartz Cab Set

9pc Tiger's-Eye Quartz Cabochon Set 4 Heart, 2 Custom Shaped, 1- Round, 2-Oval
$99.00 $199.00
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