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Black Diamond Dice 4.4mm 2.89cts. Gemstone Inlay

4.4mm, 2.89ctw. | Unique pair of Diamond Dice
€237.50 €475.00

African Seychelles Island CoCo De Mer Nut

3-3/4lbs. | 8" x 6"x 5"approximately | Coco de Mer nut.

Copper Indian Head Bar

1 AVDP oz of .999 pure copper Replicates the Indian Head Nickel from James Earle Fraser

Magnetic Hematite Zingers

Sold 1 per pack Magnetic Hematite singing Zingers 2" x 3/4" Tapered, Approximately 1.6oz. each

9mm Copper Bullet Replica

1 per pack solid copper 9mm bullet replica .999% pure natural copper, 1/2 AVP oz.