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Natural Unheated Pink Sapphire Gemstone 7.71ct W/ GIA Report

GIA REPORT 6234269679 | (7.71.ct.) 13.23 x 11.17 x 5.70mm Cushion Shaped Modified Brilliant Mixed cut loose gemstone
Call for pricing

Natural Aquamarine Modified Emerald Brilliant Gemstone

3.35 Carats | 11.58 x 7.66 x 6.50mm
$335.00 $502.00

Natural Emerald Square Shape Loose Gemstone .87ct.

5.70x5.49x3.90mm | .87 carats | Emerald Square Shape

Natural Emerald Rectangular Octagonal Shape Loose Gemstone 0.42ct.

4.80x4.35x2.80mm | .42 carats | Emerald Rectangular Octagonal Shape

Natural Emerald Pear Shape Loose Gemstone 0.79ct.

8.59x5.19x2.85mm | .79 carats | Emerald Pear Shape

Natural Emerald Square Octagonal Shape Loose Gemstone 1.31ct.

6.61x6.61x4.89mm | .59 carats | Emerald Square Octagonal Shape

Natural Emerald Rectangular Shape Loose Gemstone .59ct.

5.71x4.5x2.93mm | .59 carats | Emerald Rectangular Shape

Natural Emerald Oval Shape Loose Gemstone 2.63ct.

10.49x8.24x4.45mm | 2.63 carats | Emerald Oval Shape
$650.00 $920.00

Natural Emerald Pear Shape Loose Gemstone 1.43ct.

9.48x6.95x3.67mm | 1.43 carats | Emerald Pear Shape

Natural Emerald Oval 8x6mm Gemstones

8x6mm Non Calibrated | 1.41ct. average each | Commercial grade

Natural Aquamarine Rose Cut Faceted Gemstone 3pc Set

41.34cts. Total | 18-19mm Average | Mixed Free Form
$999.00 $1,199.00

Natural Aquamarine 4pc Gemstone Set

(23.49ctw.) 2 pc. Cushions | (21.29ctw.) 2 pc. Pears
$2,999.00 $4,299.00

Natural BiColor Amethyst Emerald Faceted Gemstones 3.30ctw.

(3.30ctw.) 8 x 6 mm Emerald | Colorless | Amethyst
$49.00 $69.00

Amethyst Tear Drop Faceted Briolettes Drilled

10x6mm , 2.40 Averaged carat weight
From $40.00

Natural Amethyst 5.1ct. Fantasy Specialty Heart Cut

(5.1cts.) 14x11.3x7.5mm Fancy Concave Cut loose gemstone Heart

Amethyst 3.95ct. Fancy Cut Gemstone

(3.95cts.) 11x8.93x6.26mm Fancy Concave Cut loose gem

Amethyst 10mm Round Faceted Briolettes Drilled

10mm Round, 7.0 ct. Avgerage Faceted Drilled

Amethyst Pear Shape Briolette Gemstones Drilled

20x15mm, 27.18 Carats Total
$155.00 $270.00

Natural Amethyst Quartz 15x10mm Pear Shape Brilliant Gemstones

Non-Calibrated 15x10mm, 5.2ct. average Dimensions and weights may vary slightly
From $19.20

Amethyst Pear Shape Briolette Gemstones Two Sizes

Available in two sizes 21x15mm or 16x12mm Sold as pairs
$499.00 $1,080.00

Extra Large Amethyst Briolettes Siberian Deep Purple 49.45ctw.

49.45 total carat weight Top Drilled Briolettes - 18x15mm
$799.00 $1,599.00

Amethyst Cushion Shape Rose Cut 16.65ctw. Gemstone Pair

13.8-13.9x6.5mm, 16.65ctw. Rose Cut Checkerboard Cushion loose gem pair
$149.00 $199.80

Amethyst Cushion Rose Cut 8.81ct Gemstone

14.36x14.28x6.6mm, 8.81ct. Rose Cut Checkerboard Cushion loose gem

Amethyst Marquise Mixed Brilliant Concave Loose Gemstones

Size Ranges 18x9 - 10x5mm Weight Ranges 5ct. - 1ct.
$135.00 $175.00

Amethyst Pair Marquise Mixed Concave 10.51ctw Gemstone

18 x 9mm Fantasy Brilliant Find tranquility and calmness in this beautiful pair of gems
$225.00 $367.85

Rhodolite Garnet Blend Gemstone 3.02cts

Modified Checkerboard Brilliant-Cut Square Shape
(3.02cts.) 8.25 x 8.22 x 5.6mm

Rhodolite Garnet Modified Brilliant Gemstone 3.30cts

(3.30cts.) 9.66 x 8.9 x 5.6mm

Pyrope Spessartite Garnet Gemstone 19.87cts

(19.87cts.) 15.24 x 13.04 x 11.10mm

Pyrope Spessartite Garnet Gemstone 8.11cts

(8.11cts.) 11.98 x 11.20 x 6.69mm

Demantoid Garnet Octagonal Faceted Gemstone 1.73ct W/ GIA Report

GIA REPORT 2211832995
(1.73ct.) 8.08 x 6.36 x 4.68 mm
Modified Octagonal Brilliant cut loose gemstone
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