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Turquoise 17pc Oval Cabochon Lot 111.51ctw G1162927P

Stabilized Spiderweb Turquoise

Variscite 11pc Cabochon Lot 154ctw CB1011469

Found in Utah and Nevada

Natural Almandine Spessartine Gemstone 6.54ct G1399022P

(6.54ct.) 12.9 x 9.75 x 7.40 mm Pear Shaped Gemstone

Natural Purple Spinel Trillion Gemstone .82ct G1388603P

(.82.ct.) 6.10 x 6.01 x 6.12 x 3.65 mm Brilliant cut loose gemstone

Fall Colors of Tourmaline Marquise Style Gemstone 2.5ct. G1388196P

(2.5ct.) 9.4 x 8.4 x 6.06 mm Custom Cut Gemstone

Natural BiColor Tourmaline Emerald Cut Gemstone 7.31ct G1387862P

(7.31ct.) 11..45 x 10.21 x 7.30 mm loose gemstone

Pink Tourmaline 3mm Round 10ct Parcels G1055870P

Non Calibrated 10ct Parcel Lots
Approximately 160 stone per 10cts
From €237.50

Larimar Pear Shape Cabochon 132.1ct CB1010687

Colors of the Caribbean Sea
Dominican Republic.

Bruneau Jasper 4pc Cabochon Lot 137.19ctw

"Picture Jasper" – exhibits particular patterns and colors
Discovered around the Bruneau River canyon in Idaho
€152.00 €118.75

Morenci Azurmalachite 4pc Cabochon Lot 106ctw

Morenci Arizona Azurmalachite
Copper Mountain Mining District
€142.50 €109.25

Natural Apatite Oval Gemstone 1.35ct w/ GIA report TGG-GIA5828

GIA REPORT 1176425828
(1.35ct.) 8.03 x 6.16 x 4.03 mm Oval Modified Brilliant loose gemstone

Spinel Blue Natural Gemstone 2.22ct w/ GIA report TGG-2820

GIA REPORT 5212078523
(2.22ct.) 7.87 x 7.37 x 4.77 mm Oval Mixed Brilliant loose gemstone

Sapphire Natural No Heat Purple Gemstone 0.56ct W/ GIA report TGG-2817

GIA REPORT 6213078604
(0.56.ct) 4.91 - 5.04 x 2.98 mm Round Brilliant loose gemstone

Sapphire Natural No Heat Purple Gemstone 1.62ct W/ GIA report TGG-2814

GIA REPORT 5212078535
(1.62.ct.) 7.25 x 6.05 x 4.36 mm Cushion Modified Brilliant cut loose gemstone

Ruby Natural Untreated Kenya Gemstone 1.14ct W/ GIA report TGG-2810

GIA REPORT 2213078600
(1.14ct.) 6.04 x 4.93 x 3.94 mm Octagonal loose gemstone

Ruby Natural Untreated Kenya Gemstone 1.29ct W/ GIA report TGG-2809

GIA REPORT 2215078596
(1.29ct.) 7.56 x 4.97 x 3.69 mm Oval loose gemstone

Ruby Natural Untreated Kenya Gemstone .99ct W/ GIA report TGG-2808

GIA REPORT 2215078578
(.99ct.) 7.13 x 4.65 x 2.71 mm Octagonal Cut loose gemstone

Burma Ruby Natural Untreated Gemstone 2.97ct W/ GIA report TGG-2802

GIA REPORT 5212078515
(3.19ct.) 9.71 x 7.01 x 4.31 mm Oval Cabochon loose gemstone
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