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14K White Gold London Blue Topaz & Lab Grown Diamond Ring

1.49dtw. LG Diamond | 2.24ct. Custom Cut Gemstone | Size 6-1/2 US

Natural Peridot Gemstone 4 Piece Cross 66.77 Carats

66.77ctw. | 60mmx40mm as 1 piece | Custom German Cut

Pearl Aquamarine Rose Quartz 18 inch 14KY Necklace

18" Fine Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace 14KY Clasp

14 White Gold Diamond Solitaire Pearl Pendant

8mm Cultured Pearl with Princess Cut Diamond

18K White Gold Spessartite Diamond Halo Pendant

Beautiful White Gold Diamond Halo Spessartite Garnet
€1329.05 €1899.05

10k Yellow Gold Diamond X Pendant with 18" Chain

2.3gtw. 10K Yellow Gold, .10ctw. Diamonds
€426.55 €664.05

10Kt Rose Gold Diamond Ornate Frame Earrings

.26ct Diamond, 4.6gms 10Kt Gold, French wire
€379.05 €569.05

10K White Gold Diamond Ornate Frame Earrings

.26ctw Diamond, 4.4gtw 10K White Gold, French Ear-wire
€379.05 €569.05

Tourmalated Peridot Oval Faceted Gemstone 24.8ct. 21x16mm

Peridot with inclusions of black tourmaline needles
€798.00 €878.75

Peridot Tanzanian 20.31gm. Gem Rough Parcel

20.31gm | 13pcs | 5.7ct to 11.6ct | Tanzania Peridot Gem Rough Parcel
€237.50 €285.00

Tanzanite 45.44gms Gemstone Rough Parcel

45.44gms | 50pcs | .5ct to 5.5ct range | Tanzanite Gem Rough Parcel

Hessonite Garnet 59.04gm. Gemstone Rough Parcel

59.04gms | 181pcs | .75ct to 4.5ct range | Hessonite Garnet Gem Rough Parcel