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Thermo-Dynamics Synthetic Quartz Rod 741cts. 192mm Qtz_Syn-001

192mm 741 carat Manmade Quartz Rod ($.09 p/ct.) Colorless Double Refractive Gem Cutting Rough

Citrine Faceted Bead Set 7.58ctw G1401789P

(7.58ctw.) 8 mm faceted beads (drilled)

Bi-Color Citrine Faceted Bead Set 7.27ctw G1401270P

(7.27ctw.) 8 mm faceted beads (drilled)

Bi-Color Citrine Oval Gemstone 7.72cts G1401061P

(7.72ct.) 16.06 x 12.19 x 7.98 mm Oval Concave faceted loose gemstone

Golden Tiger-Eye Quartz Flower Carving G1400264P

47.75 carats, 38(h) x 28.8(w) x 8.75(d)mm
€95.00 €76.00

Natural Citrine Gemstone 1.64ct G1390230P

(1.64ct.) 9.9 x 7.0 x 4.97 mm Pear Modified Brilliant loose gemstone

SS Graduated Herkimer Diamond Necklace 20in J1169456P

Hand Strung & Knotted Double Terminated Quartz Crystals
€474.05 €237.02

SS Rock Crystal Quartz CheckerBoard Ring J1297586P

Ring Size 9.5, North-South , 30mmx21mm CheckerBoard Gemstone
€141.55 €70.78

Sterling Silver Blue Diamond Quartz Inlay Cross 22in. Adj Chain

Rock Crystal Quartz with Inlay of Blue Diamonds
€474.05 €284.05

Sterling Silver Bali Multi Gemstone Bracelet

Over 25 Carats of Gemstone Sterling Silver Handmade Bali Bracelet 29 grams of Sterling Silver (.925)
€379.05 €189.05

Multi-Color Tiger's-Eye Stretch Bracelets

Multi-color Tiger's-Eye Stretch Bracelets

Sterling Silver Quartz Geode Pendant

.925 Gold Tone Oval Quartz Gemstone Tabasco Geode Pendant
€94.05 €65.55
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