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AMG Gemstone Quartz Glass Crystal Geode Display

Collectible Mineral Art | Artisan Handmade borosilicate glass art.
$425.00 $450.00

Petite Tabasco Geode 15-17mm Pair

22.8 carat total weight | 15-17mm (w) x 6-7mm (d) | Petite Tabasco Geodes

SS Quartz Geode Blue Chalcedony Pendant 20in Necklace

Hand Strung & Knotted
$79.50 $159.00

Petite Mini Tabasco 25mm Geode Pair

20.4 carats total | 25x15 & 25x13mm | Petite Tabasco Geode Pair
$39.99 $49.99

Petite Tabasco Geode 22mm Pair

10.3 carat total weight | 22mm (h) x 12-13mm (w) x 3.5-4mm (d) | Petite Tabasco Geode Pair

Petite Tabasco Geode 25x16mm Pair

37.15 carat total weight | 25mm (h) x 16mm (w) x 8mm (d) | Petite Tabasco Geode Pair