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Visit the Nanosital website direct for detailed information and available colors.

Nanosital by RusGems


We purchase large parcels directly from RusGems Nanosital in Thailand. We then slab saw the material into manageable sizes.
This material is all clean of visual defects and is very consistent in color saturation so color zoning is not an issue.

We may have available just not listed at the time of your visit


Orientation is not an issue as this is a ceramic glass with a higher refractive index and a hardness of 7 (moh) similar to natural quartz and other natural gemstones.

In cutting and polishing, standard faceting tools are required. Start with a 260 diamond for roughing (pre-forming), followed by 600 diamond, 3000 diamond pre-polish onto 50k-60k final diamond polish.

I have found Nanosital to be very easy to work with, polishing comes very quick with diamond media.


Nanosital is manufactured at RusGems factory near Moscow, Russia, on patented technology.


Nanosital does not contain any health hazardous contaminants (lead, arsenum, cadmium, etc.).


Nanosital is an optically transparent polycrystalline material that is formed by the crystallization of glass with corresponding chemical composition and has higher physical and chemical properties than the original glass.

Nanosital is one of the glass-ceramic materials, which are known for more than 50 years and have a wide range of compositions and applications. RusGems has adapted existing technology to create a material specifically optimized for jewelry. As a result of a multi-component high-temperature composition on the base of two main oxides – SiO2 and Al2O3 – was obtained. It is well-known that the above-mentioned oxides are key components of most natural gemstones. The rest of nanosital's components are picked to approximate the maximum required optical characteristics as well as density and hardness. Our technology allows us to vary components of composition quite widely. As a result, nanosital that is absolutely identical to its natural counterpart can be produced each time.


Nanosital is synthesized at a temperature of 1700 °C. The table above presents its main properties in comparison to well-known materials:

Chart of physical and optical properties

Mohs hardness scale7
Refractive index1.65 – 1.7
Specific gravity3.5 - 4
Dispersion (play of colors)0.015
Melting point, °C1700
Treatment problemsCan be readily polished on a diamond polishing wheel 3/2
Heat color stability (in lost-wax casting)yes

Main characteristics of Nanosital

  1. Nanosital's specific gravity index is very close to that of the most valuable gemstones such as topaz, sapphire, ruby and aquamarine.
  2. Nanosital and the optical properties of the most popular color gemstones are almost similar. Nanosital's main feature is its lack of an unnaturally strong luster, which is typical of cubic zirconia, wherein the play of colors remains attractive.
  3. Nanosital's hardness (7 on Mohs scale) guarantees jewelry durability without the loss of its original look. The Nanosital hardness index (7) is higher than glass (5), but lower than one of the hardest materials – corundum (9).
  4. Its high melting point allows the use of any colored Nanosital in lost-wax casting.
  5. Color and transparency. Its wide color range, full correspondence to natural analogue, perfect optical properties, total transparency, and absence of inner defects makes Nanosital the best, readily available rough jewelry material on the market.
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41.8gtw 3pc Topaz Swiss E-284 GR220P

UNRIVALED IMITATION OF NATURAL GEMS Gem Rough for Cabbing, Carving and Gem Cutting

51gm Nanosital Paraiba Dark GR209P

Measurements: 37.35 x 23.6 x 19.9mm Gem Rough for Cabbing, Carving and Gem Cutting

96gm 41x33x29mm Emerald Green Light #0/3 GR206P

UNRIVALED IMITATION OF NATURAL GEMS Gem Rough for Cabbing, Carving and Gem Cutting

55gm 47x25x22mm Aquamarine Green A-108 GR205P

UNRIVALED IMITATION OF NATURAL GEMS Gem Rough for Cabbing, Carving and Gem Cutting

55gm 45x26x19mm Aquamarine A-150 GR203P

UNRIVALED IMITATION OF NATURAL GEMS Gem Rough for Cabbing, Carving and Gem Cutting

52.6gm 36x25x26mm Demantoid Green A2092 GR1096P

UNRIVALED IMITATION OF NATURAL GEMS Gem Rough for Cabbing, Carving and Gem Cutting
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