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Rhodolite Garnet Gemstone 3.02cts G1327132P

Modified Checkerboard Brilliant-Cut Square Shape
(3.02cts.) 8.25 x 8.22 x 5.6mm

Tsavorite Grossularite Garnet 4.21ctw 2pc Gem Rough GR216P

Grossularite Garnet Gem Rough 4.21ctw. | 2pc | SG: 3.67 Gemological testing in house

Tsavorite Grossularite Garnet 3.70cts 1pc Gem Rough GR215P

Grossularite Garnet Gem Rough 3.70cts. | 1pc | SG: 3.67 Gemological testing in house
€667.85 €562.40

Tsavorite Grossularite Garnet 3.60cts 1pc Gem Rough GR214P

Grossularite Garnet Gem Rough 3.60cts. | 1pc | SG: 3.67 Gemological testing in house
€649.80 €547.20

14K Yellow Gold Double Wire Garnet Stud Earrings J1377596P

7mm Round Garnets 3.30 carats total weight with a post and push-back clutch.

Rhodolite Garnet Gemstone 3.30cts G1414028P

Modified Brilliant-Cut Pear Shape
(3.30cts.) 9.66 x 8.9 x 5.6mm

Pyrope-Spessartite Garnet Gemstone 19.87cts G1348592P

Modified CheckerBoard Brilliant Cushion Cut
(19.87cts.) 15.24 x 13.04 x 11.10mm

Pyrope-Spessartite Garnet Gemstone 8.11cts G1413059P

Mixed Brilliant-Step Cut Cushion
(8.11cts.) 11.98 x 11.20 x 6.69mm

Red Pyrope Garnet Gemstone 10.99cts w/GIA report G1358354P

GIA REPORT No. 2205368444(Included)
(10.99cts.) 16.61 x 13.79 x 7.95mm

Sterling Silver Bali Multi Gemstone Bracelet

Over 25 Carats of Gemstone Sterling Silver Handmade Bali Bracelet 29 grams of Sterling Silver (.925)
€379.05 €189.05

Almandite Garnet 5.04g 1pc Gem Rough GR1075P

Almandite Garnet Gem Rough 5.04gm | 1pc | SG: 4.05 | RI: 1.775 Gemological testing in house
€71.25 €61.75
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