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Diamonds, Gemstones Precious and Semi-Precious

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Variscite 11pc Cabochon Lot 154ctw CB1011469

Found in Utah and Nevada

Honey Jade Colored Oynx Bird with Flower Carving ST1485740

Honey Jade Butter Yellow Oynx
Bird and Flower

Golden Tiger-Eye Quartz Flower Carving G1400264P

47.75 carats, 38(h) x 28.8(w) x 8.75(d)mm
€95.00 €76.00

Natural Almandine Spessartine Gemstone 6.54ct G1399022P

(6.54ct.) 12.9 x 9.75 x 7.40 mm Pear Shaped Gemstone

Natural Burmese Trapiche Sapphire Cabochon Gemstone G1399871P

Trapiche sapphire is a variety of gemstone sapphire.
€759.05 €665.00

London Blue Topaz 10.37ct Trillion Brilliant Gemstone G1398454P

Gemstone of Love (10.37cts.) 13.93 x 13.93 x 9.29mm Trillion

Crystal Black Opal Lightning Ridge 11pc Designers Gemstone Set

One-of-a-kind Crystal Black Opal
Black Opal

Black Opal Lightning Ridge 9pc Designers Gemstone Suite

One-of-a-kind Vivid Blue Green on Black Opal
Black Opal

Australian Opalized Gastropod Shells Turreted G1397486P

Exoskeleton of snail, a kind of mollusk

Australian Opalized Gastropod Shells Turreted G1397443P

Exoskeleton of snail, a kind of mollusk

Australian Opalized Gastropod Shells Turreted G1396174P

Exoskeleton of snail, a kind of mollusk

Black Opal Lightning Ridge 10pc Designers Gemstone Set

One-of-a-kind Red on Black Opal
Black Opal

Natural Moldavite Figurine Carving G1394764P

31.84 carats, 34.6(h) x 25.7(h) x 7.75(d)mm

Green Jadiete Ornate Lotus Carving Pendant Drilled G1394725P

65.17 carats, 40.62(h) x 31.9(w) x 5.32(d)mm

Rhodochrosite Stalactite Polished Slices G1290164P

Natural unique wonders of nature.
€237.50 €213.75

Natural Blue Green Sapphire Cabochons Oval Gemstones G1408213P

Non-Calibrated 1.45ct average, 6.6-7.4mm x 5.5-6mm average
From €128.25

Natural London Blue Topaz 8mm Round Brilliant Gemstones G1394158P

Non-Calibrated 2.4ct average, 8mm average
From €18.24

Natural London Blue Topaz 7mm Round Brilliant Gemstones G1391424P

Non-Calibrated 1.6ct average, 6.9 to 7.2mm average
From €12.16

Natural Citrine Gemstone 1.64ct G1390230P

(1.64ct.) 9.9 x 7.0 x 4.97 mm Pear Modified Brilliant loose gemstone

Banded Black Agate Flat Faceted Slab Drilled ST1485595

182.85 cts, 68.6x52.8x7.62mm
€85.50 €71.25

Mystic Topaz Color Enhanced Oval Gemstones G1388912P

14x10mm Oval 15.48 total carat weight
€118.75 €90.25

Natural Purple Spinel Trillion Gemstone .82ct G1388603P

(.82.ct.) 6.10 x 6.01 x 6.12 x 3.65 mm Brilliant cut loose gemstone

Fall Colors of Tourmaline Marquise Style Gemstone 2.5ct. G1388196P

(2.5ct.) 9.4 x 8.4 x 6.06 mm Custom Cut Gemstone

Natural BiColor Tourmaline Emerald Cut Gemstone 7.31ct G1387862P

(7.31ct.) 11..45 x 10.21 x 7.30 mm loose gemstone

Cornflower Blue Sapphire Synthetic Cushion Cut 3.94ct G1332448P

(3.94ct.) 9.02 x 8.5 x 5.85 mm Cushion Cut loose gemstone

Blue Topaz 16x12mm Oval Mixed Brilliant Gemstones G1386744P

Gemstone of Love (12.5cts.) 15.9 x 12 x 8.1mm Oval

Pink Tourmaline 3mm Round 10ct Parcels G1055870P

Non Calibrated 10ct Parcel Lots
Approximately 160 stone per 10cts
From €237.50

Amethyst Pair Oval Fancy Concave 24.7ctw Gemstones G1386722P

Find tranquility and calmness in this beautiful pair of gems

Natural Blue Topaz 12x10mm Oval Concave Gemstones G1386647P

Average dimensions and weight (12x10mm), (5.0 -5.4 cts.)

Sugilite Cabochon Parcel CB1010895

Currently 62pcs 203.77ctw. Random Size and Shape Cabochons

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